Value Added Services for Creative Agencies / Freelancers / Web Developers

Are you offering websites or digital marketing services to clients, but need a platform that makes your job easier? It’s important to consider companies that are able to offer value added services. Instead of subscribing to multiple software solutions in order to get the job done, you’ll be able to offer your clients a better […]

How To Start a New Online Business With Free Professional Advice

You’ve come up with a great idea for a new business, and you’re already dreaming up creative ways to bring your unique vision to life. Whether you hope to start selling products through an online store or dream of building your own blog, there are endless possibilities for starting an online business. However, creating your […]

Defining Artificial Intelligence: What Are the 4 Types of AI?

In 2018, a Gartner survey revealed that over a third of the companies surveyed currently use AI technology. AI was listed as the leading disruptive developing technology that would play a major role in reshaping businesses. In the past, companies listed data and analytics as their biggest hurdle. Artificial intelligence is here and it is growing. Companies and consumers use AI in […]

Help Your Business Grow: Why You Need a Website and App Developer

It’s no secret that everything these days – and we do mean everything – seems to be online. From the latest news to social media, and even downtime activities, the web is where we go for a vast majority of our needs.That said, it’s also the first place where most potential customers go when they […]

Is SSL certificate necessary to run an online store?

You have an online store, and just before setting everything up, a prompt comes up telling you to install an SSL certificate. You may have heard a little bit about SSL certificates but you have no idea if it is necessary to run an online store. Well, we can answer that question and more. In […]

Why is SEO considered a long-term process for an online business?

All online businesses need visibility. You need to use the right words to attract your target audience. Think about all the times you needed a specific product or service and went over to Google for a quick search. A considerable percentage of people do that too. So what happens when a brand doesn’t use SEO […]