Are you offering websites or digital marketing services to clients, but need a platform that makes your job easier? It’s important to consider companies that are able to offer value added services. Instead of subscribing to multiple software solutions in order to get the job done, you’ll be able to offer your clients a better experience through value added services.

Even better, these services make it easier for you–everything is easily accessible under one roof. If this sounds like something that interests you, read on to learn all about value added services and how a company like BludigitBox, can boost the quality and speed of your work!

What Are Value Added Services?

It’s first important to know what value added services are in order to understand their benefits for you. They’re typically services that are added on to a core product even though they could be purchased as standalone products.

VAS can be provided as complimentary services to drive customer loyalty. However, they can also be bundled in with package pricing.

Companies who offer value added services typically have a good grasp of their customer’s problems and issues. They want to build loyalty by offering easier solutions, understanding that charging them small fees for every additional service can become wearing.

Here are a few characteristics of VAS:

Plus, customers won’t have to look for multiple companies in order to get their needs met.

Our Value Added Services

We understand that creative agencies, entrepreneur, and digital marketers need to be able to offer clients a roster of services that match all their needs. Digital marketing and website hosting often go hand-in-hand.

For instance, websites that don’t come with a business email will require your client to make one on their own. You also want quality, search engine optimized content on newly created websites to build traffic.

With this in mind, we offer a number of services that can benefit both you and your clients, such as:

Email Marketing

Email marketing gives your clients the ability to capture new leads by asking for their email addresses along with a relevant piece of content. It’s also an important way to build relationships with current customers. With a robust email list, clients can send out emails whenever they have an announcement, discount, or reward for loyal customers. Check our offers o email marketings services.

This also provides them with the benefit of contacting new leads in order to remind them of the services and opportunities they have available. The inbox is still a powerful place to market.

Content Writing

Content writing is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a website that easily pulls in traffic each month. With quality content posted to your site in a consistent manner, you’ll be able to draw in leads without paying for additional advertisements. Content writing that serves to educate your client’s target audience can also help them boost their brand awareness as well as authority in the industry.

Website Security

Website security is necessary for any website, especially when your client runs an e-commerce business and is collecting customer’s contact information and credit card information. Integrated web security can help protect you as well as your clients from:

If you aren’t including security in your current offerings, you’re leading your clients to potential issues down the line, especially when their site begins to pick up more traffic. We offer packages from leading partners that can bost your business.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress sites are some of the most versatile. However, without a reputable host, your clients may experience slow loading times, long downtime, and less secure websites. Although WordPress hosting isn’t required to create these websites, you can enjoy features that speed up the website creation process, such as:

Managed WordPress hosting is especially beneficial for clients that have high traffic, while shared hosting is a great budget option for smaller websites.

Free Domains

Registering domain names is one of the easiest aspects of creating websites for clients, but the costs can add up. They typically cost between $10 to $20 a year. Free domain names on one platform make it easy to keep track of all of the websites you’ve created. You’ll also be saving yourself potentially hundreds of dollars each year.

Business Email

Last but not least, providing customers with a business email along with their website puts the icing on the cake. Everyone wants a way to present themselves professionally to clients, but purchasing business emails is sometimes the last thing on a client’s mind.

You may be wondering what the advantage is to a platform that bundles all these services together. You’ll find you’ll end up paying more if you sought out companies who offered these services individually. Furthermore,

Value Added Services for Customer Satisfaction

Our value added services are created to maximize customer satisfaction in the easiest and most efficient way possible. With all of our services under one roof, you’ll be able to easily respond to all of your customer’s needs. For instance, the next step to building a secure and well-designed website is filling it with quality content.

Instead of trying to find a reputable, independent freelancer, you can save time by requesting the content through our services.

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